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Summer to Fall Tips for Healthy Hair – Ask The Expert

Summer can be rough on hair. All the sun and chlorine plus you’ve got air conditioning sucking the moisture out and wet brushing at the beach damages the ends. It’s no wonder that come September your hair feels like straw. So what can you do to get back those healthy locks and move into Fall with beautiful healthy hair? In this video hairstylist Renee shares his favourite tips to bring your hair into fall looking and feeling its best. Here are the best Summer to Fall Tips for Healthy Hair.

  1. Mayonnaise
  2. Hydrogen Peroxide (blondes only)
  3. A Haircut

Simple enough right? You’re probably wondering why this sounds more like a baking recipe than a hair care tutorial. Let me explain.

Mayonnaise is very moisturizing and full of proteins that make your hair strong and glossy. Stay away from store bought brands that can be heavy on the sugar and artificial chemicals. Instead why making your own. It’s really quite simple to make and since your putting it on your hair, not in your potato salad, it doesn’t really matter if you get the taste or texture wrong. Just combine 2 egg yolks and half a cup of olive oil. Beat on high until well combined and slap that shit on your hair. As Renee suggests, put on a shower cap or plastic wrap to keep the heat it as you sit and sip ona cup of tea for 15-20 minutes. Then jump in the shower and rinse it all out. After that I’d suggest an air dry to lock in all the goodness.

Hydrogen peroxide is a bit more dangerous than mayonnaise in that it will lighten your hair. This is recommended for blondes only. Dilute hydrogen peroxide half and half with water. Apply to a test area and check after 15-20 minutes. Peroxide will lighten quickly without the worry of drying out like commercial hair bleaches. Wash out well after you get to the shade you want.

A haircut is pretty simple. It won’t stop you from having long glorious locks either. Getting rid of the dead ends will make your hair look fresh and bright. If your hair is down to your butt, but your split ends are all the way up to your shoulder, girl you need to get on a makeover episode of Oprah cause that shit is wack. That’s an extreme scenario but really, any split ends are just dragging down your look. The change of the seasons is a perfect time to trim your ends and start the season looking your best.

I hope this episode of Ask the Expert will help you glide into the new season feeling beautiful from the inside out.

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