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Social Drinking Pressure – Health Coach Confidential – Episode #1

Just a few short years ago, I was a party girl. I loved to drink and would happily indulge multiple times a week. Those days had their moment but as the years went on, the hangovers got worse, the weight started to creep on and the next day food binge was less and less satisfying but the social drinking pressure was just as strong.

The rational part of my brain was saying “Hey girl, you should really cool it with all this drinking” but my fear based mind was shouting “You’re crazy. You can’t go to a party and be sober, that would be so awkward. You’re not any fun when you don’t drink. You’ll lose all your friends”

For about a year, these two sides of my brain were in combat mode. I would feel stress and anxiety leading up to an event knowing that there would be the pressure to drink. I worried about how others would perceive me. As the event unfolded I would feel so uncomfortable that I would eventually give in and get drunk because everyone else was getting drunk and afterwards totally regret it.

After living this cycle for way too long I made a decision *how all great changes begin*. I decided that I would listen to my body and give it what it wanted, without worrying about how others perceive me, without the fear of social pressure. Just me, my body and my decision to drink or not to drink.

In the first episode of my new YouTube series Health Coach Confidential I’m sharing my experience with drinking and how a lot of my clients experience the same feelings. The same anxiety, the same pressure, and the same conflicting desires: the desire to fit in and the desire to feel well.

Watch to find out how you can overcome this social pressure to drink and instead listen to your body and give it what it wants.

Hopefully this video has helped you come to a decision about your own drinking habits and maybe next time the party starts to ramp up you’ll ask yourself, do I really want to drink? Whatever the answer is, that’s the right answer for you at that moment.

Wishing you lots of amazing memories with or without alcohol,

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