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The Perfect Morning Eggs \\ Full YouTube Tutorial

Eggs are tricky. Everyone likes it the way they like it, and by golly there are tons of options when it comes to eggs. Over easy, over medium, over hard, sunny side up, poached, hard boiled, soft boiled, scrambled, omelet, frittata, baked, shirred, I’m sure there are about 50 more ways to prepare it I didn’t name. So to call this the Perfect Morning Egg is definitely subjective. Egg beauty is in the eye of the beholder.


The reason I love this method of cooking is that it’s dead easy. No accidental yolk breaking when you flip, no real watching over everything to make sure it’s going well. When I’m cooking this egg as I get ready for work I often set it and forget it. Turn on the burner, go pack my bag, add the egg, pack my lunch, cover the egg, prepare my plate then put it all together. It’s really simple once you get a hang of the timing.


I’m having an internal debate about whether this is an over easy egg or sunny side up. Technically it doesn’t get flipped so it’s not over easy, the name implying the egg is flipped over.  But technically it’s not sunny side up because you can’t see the sunshine of the egg yolk because it gets cooked over when you put the lid on it. I’m having an egg identity crisis! The only want to feel better about it is to just eat this delicious egg lol


  1. Oil the pan well, you can use any oil you like but make sure it’s well-greased
  2. Use a lid that’s built for the pan, I once vacuum sealed a pot lid to a frying pan and it took my dad three days and a sledge hammer to get it off – true story
  3. Never wear new shoes out for more than an hour, you never know how horrible they can be until it’s too late, not egg related but still a great tip


I hope that this tutorial will help you easily make a delicious breakfast in no time flat to get you out the door as fast as possible.

Sending you lots of love and perfectly cooked eggs,  

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