Why You Should Never Feel Guilty About Drinking Coffee

Maybe you’ve read articles that have been less than kind about drinking coffee. Or perhaps you’ve had someone tell you that coffee isn’t that great for you. Today is the day to finally disrupt that myth once and for all. Coffee is actually one of the most amazing beverages you can consume on a regular basis. Why? Coffee is full of a seemingly neverending list of impressive health benefits. From the reduced risk of various diseases, to its ability to protect your liver, coffee is a pretty fabulous (and tasty) treat.

Need more proof? Here are three major reasons you should stop feeling guilty about drinking coffee.

drinking coffee

Linked to living a longer life

Recent published studies have shown that drinking coffee can lengthen your life. Those who regularly consumed two to four cups of coffee per day were found to have an 18% lower risk of mortality. This was in comparison to those who did not drink coffee at all. Who knew that the key to living longer doesn’t have to involve more technology than using your home coffee grinder and a trusted coffee maker?

Won’t negatively impact your diet

Provided that you aren’t lining up for a giant, sugar-filled, whipped cream topped concoction, coffee has about as much of an impact on your waistline as water. The average eight ounce cup of regular coffee has one calorie. Yes, you read that right. Just one little calorie in every cup of coffee. Since many flavored beverages are high in sugar or are full of artificial ingredients, coffee is a great choice if you need a drink with robust flavor.

Reduced risk of chronic health conditions

Study after study has linked coffee with a reduced risk of developing numerous chronic health conditions. Ready for the list of conditions that coffee consumption can help you to avoid? Coffee has been found to reduce your risk of developing depression, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, heart disease, multiple sclerosis, and certain types of cancer. For these benefits alone, it make sense to include coffee as part of your regular routine.

drinking coffee

Don’t feel guilty about drinking coffee!

If someone has made you feel guilty about your coffee habit in the past, the facts listed above should help you permanently let go of that guilt. Feel free to blissfully enjoy your daily cup(s) of coffee, knowing that you are doing your health a favor.

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