Alex Napoli Testimonial Denise“My top three goals when I started the 6-month program were; to establish a healthy eating lifestyle/routine; to plan ahead and prep my meals for the week, and to create an exercise routine (workout plan) that would fit my busy schedule. The gentle accountability sheet helped me stay on track with my goals. By keeping track of my progress, obstacles, and/or challenges, I was able to get organized and find ways to accomplish my goals. Alex made sure to schedule our calls ahead of time to assure we chat again/follow up. She was able to come up with an action plan to get some exercise during my lunch break. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been the daily consumption of vegetables – Alex shared the nutrition plate with me which taught me to always have more veggies on my plate. I now make sure I eat more veggies, not more carbs or protein. The most significant overall change I have noticed has been feeling good about myself, feeling confident and more self-secure in my own skin. I would describe Alex as confident, energetic, vibrant, and passionate, with a great personality, easy to talk to, makes you feel at ease, and really knows how to engage her clients. She’s a motivator and an inspiring woman—verall, it has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend Alex to any female who can use a push to get started on a healthy lifestyle. Alexandra really knows how to motivate, and makes you feel comfortable when sharing your personal goals/obstacles.”

Dee G. ( Brooklyn )
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Alex Napoli Testimonial Val

“Alex worked with me for a month on a pretty strict diet. It took her months of gently pushing me, trying to convince me that it was all about what I put in my body that would help regulate the problems I was having, specifically, acne and irregular and painful periods. I finally gave in because deep down I knew that she was right, and cut out dairy, all sugar (except fruit), grains, and legumes. It was hard. Really, really hard, but I could not have done it without Alex. She is by nature, very warm and encouraging which is exactly what you need when you’re attempting a lifestyle change. She was always there, whether by text, email, or phone call, for a question or allowing me to get frustrated or sad when my body was detoxing from sugar, and never judged. Alex understands that it’s hard, and that people aren’t perfect. She truly and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She’s amazing and you absolutely will not regret any of it.”

Valene M.  ( Staten Island )
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Alex Napoli Testimonial Marissa“I started working with Alex about six months after having my first child when I was feeling the need to lose the last of my baby weight and increase my energy level so I could keep up with my little boy. I had never worked with a health coach before and was not sure what to expect. Alex has been absolutely wonderful and has made the process so easy and enjoyable. She is extremely knowledgeable about everything relating to diet and exercise and she has given me so many suggestions and tips that I have been able to incorporate into my daily life. I really enjoy our phone calls where we discuss my personal health and fitness goals and my progress and I always walk away from the calls having learned something new. I’ve also experienced a lot of personal growth from many of the activities that Alex incorporates as part of her coaching. I strongly recommend that anyone with a desire to improve their overall health work with Alex as their coach!”

Marissa M. ( New Jersey )
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Alex Napoli Testimonial Christine“When I started the coaching program I wanted to lose weight, get toned, be aware and have accountability. Alex was able to help me work toward these goals by having me try and successfully complete the Whole 30, be part of the Tight Toned Tush Workout Challenge and by encouraging me to exercise even a little helping me realize working out does not have to take hours. Alex held me accountable to achieving my goals. She has also helped me move away from people that are negative in my life, which lead me to realize who these people were. The biggest change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that my clothes are loose/too big. Since starting the Tight Toned Tush Workout Challenge, people have started to notice that I lost weight. I have lost 15lbs so far. Alex has helped me stay focused on positive thoughts and positive people/friends in my life.  Alex makes you aware what you eat really does affect your body and mind. I would recommend Alex to anyone that is serious about making changes to their life, for the better. The choice is yours.”

Christine N.  ( Long Island )
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Alex Napoli Testimonial Dr. Serena GoldsteinCoach Alex and I worked together for our Eat to Thrive Lifestyle Cleanse, and I was most impressed by her kindness and compassion towards clients, only to be matched by her knowledge and innovation for meals and preparation. She diligently works to ensure each person understands how they can incorporate healthful eating into their lifestyle and provides creative strategies as ongoing support. Throughout the cleanse, I observed how elegantly and efficiently she answered people’s questions and concerns, with intelligence and care, which placed them back on track. Whether your goal of optimal health includes a lifestyle of cooking or dining out or a mix of both, Coach Alex will provide you with a foundation designed for your personal life.

Dr. Serena Goldstein, ND  ( Manhattan )
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