Live like a Badass. Love your Body. Laugh at Calories.

There’s actually a way to live your life, choose food without worry and love the way you look.


What you will accomplish

Want My #1 Secret to Ending Post-Meal Guilt?

Hi, beautiful! I’m Alex Napoli

Nutrition Coach, Yogi & Cooking Show Host

I show busy women how to quiet their b*tchy inner critic so they can joyfully eat without guilt, playfully prepare fast healthy meals and finally be at peace with the way they feel in their bodies.


What my clients are saying.

  • ”She’s a motivator and an inspiring woman. It has been a pleasure working with her. I would recommend Alex to any female who can use a push to get started on a healthy lifestyle. Alexandra really knows how to motivate, and makes you feel comfortable when sharing your personal goals/obstacles.”

    Dee G. Brooklyn
  • ”She was always there, whether by text, email, or phone call, for a question or allowing me to get frustrated or sad when my body was detoxing from sugar, and never judged..she truly and genuinely cares about the people she works with. She’s amazing and you absolutely will not regret any of it.”

    Valene M. Staten Island

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